How It Works


When you call, I will arrange a free Meet & Greet visit, with you and your pet, at your home, with absolutely no obligation on your part. The visit will take approximately 45 minutes and gives you the opportunity to decide if l am the right person for you both.

If you are happy to proceed, we will then go through the paperwork together. We will fill in your pets personal information sheet,sean the dog fill in your own details sheet, sign the service contract you require and discuss alarm/key details.

If you wish to know a little more about me personally please have a look at the ‘About Me ‘ Page.

Tips for choosing a professional Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

When choosing a Dog Walker, I would like to stress to you the importance of checking credentials. You need to be sure your pet is in safe professional hands. Unfortunately this small industry is not regulated yet, there are no laws regarding Dog walking or Pet Sitting, so absolutely anyone can set up in business without accreditation.

Employing someone who is not suitably qualified could cause you or your dog harm or problems in the future.

Ask them the following questions and ensure you are happy with the answers ! :-

What formal qualifications do they hold in regards to pet behaviour?
What formal qualifications do they hold in regards to dog training?
What experience do they personally have?
Are they aware of the Control Of Dogs Act?
Are they a Certified Canine First Aider with current certification?
How many dogs do they walk at a time? Ensure it is no more than 3 for safety.
What equipment do they use? Ensure they do not use choke chains or prong collars.
What training techniques do they use? Ensure they do not use physical punishment methods.
Is the business registered?
Are they insured?


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