Dog Walking

We all know what our dogs love……….walks, walks, walks and even Sasha walking a dogmore walks.

In a perfect world dogs should be walked at least once a day.
These outings allow your dog to partake in important doggie behaviour which helps keep them happy and healthy. But the reality is, we do not live in a perfect world and although most owners would love to take their dogs for daily walks, sometimes it’s just not possible. Longer hours at work, ill health or hectic lifestyles don’t leave much spare time.
This is where a dog walker could be the perfect solution. I can walk your dog for ½ an hour, as little or as often as you like.

Whether it is only once a week, to give your dog a special treat or every day, to keep up with their energetic needs. I can provide a tailor made service for you and your dog which accommodates your routine and your budget.

All dog walks are private, with only your dog. This ensures your dogs safety and guarantees individual attention. I will also walk your dog in your own locality which ensures you that he or she is walked for the full time period which you have booked. This eliminates lost time sitting in traffic, driving to a destination. This works extremely well for dogs who are nervous of cars or suffer from car sickness.


½ Hour Walks  – €20

 Dog Walking service is available for clients living in the Stillorgan area only

We tend to under estimate the powerful benefits of a daily dog walk for our dogs. The outings enables your dog to fully engage in important dog behaviour which keeps him/her  physically and emotionally balanced.

Daily dog walks will help keep those unwanted bad behaviours at bay !

 Benefits For You

  • No more guilt
  • Peace of mind
  • Gives you more time
  • Lessens bad behaviour
 Benefits For Your Dog
  • Eases boredom and loneliness
  • Physical exercise keeps your dog healthy
  • Relaxed mood state in the evening
  • Its fun!

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